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Music world’s look alike trio!


Maknaes want Jinki Hyung

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you know when you sit down and then your thighs expand and become 6.24 x 10^18 times larger than they were before

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namstar and hodong werkin it

namstar and hodong werkin it

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an inspiring performance from actual musical actor jung taekwoon

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zicos one a those ppl whose entire vibe can change w/ a simple haircut like how a fade+some hairgel gonna transform u from image

cute an mischevious lil brother to imagecertified card carrying member a the aasd (Association of Aspiring Sugar Daddys) like?? this is why i dont trust him


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yugyeom singing A ft.bambam
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Some of Kim JaeJoong’s 8D moments. He likes taking half-naked selcas, talking nonsense and doing bullshit things etc 

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Song: Hansolie saying I love you


i love yah, i love yah

dumb and dumber | topp dogg ver
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Henry: Did somebody just tell me to turn my ass around? 

Henry: “Henry, turn your ass around!

Kongie ♡

The only one time that Jackson gets to pretend to be the girlfriend, he ruins it…..

lord have mercy on whoever zhang yixing’s lady is ✖_✖